I learned

              People will disappoint you. No matter what happens the moment you start expecting from them, they will always disappoint you. So be careful never to place your happiness in someone’s hands. They will eventually drop it.

               Love as much as you can. Love but don’t obsess. Don’t try to possess the other person. Love should be liberating not suffocating. And when you love don’t ignore the possibility of heartbreak for love and heartbreak are twins. But that’s okay. Some of the best lessons in life are learned through pain. The pain of love is sweet. It will make you softer and kinder.

Passion and enthusiasm are something which can always make you stand out. If you are passionate enough and are truly crazy about it you can do anything. Put your heart in things you do. Only then can you do them truly and sincerely.

Mistakes are the best way to learn. You will learn the most important lessons in your life the harder way. You will struggle at things but then eventually you will manage to pull them off. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, take them as valuable learning experiences and you will be glad that you made them.

Dreams should be boundless as the sky. Have the courage to dream big for what can be imagined can be achieved. Never be afraid to push your limits.

Art is one of the best ways to heal yourself. I believe in the power of art, its rawness, its honesty, sincerity and intensity.E

Books can be your best friends. They have that magical power to mold your thinking for better or worse. Good books can really have a healthy influence on your personality. Choose them carefully and never let this relation die.

 – Jawad Khalid